Vision & Goals

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Our Vision & Goals

Hoke County values its youngest citizens and sustains an environment in which our communities can provide options, resources, and support so that children and their families reach their full potential.

Our Vision for Each Community

  • Ensures healthy children and wholesome childhoods;
  • Provides safe, healthy nurturing surroundings;
  • Protects its children from abuse, neglect and the influence of family or community violence;
  • Supports and respects the family's primary role in and responsibility for raising their children;
  • Supports family-friendly workplaces;
  • Provides a variety of high quality, early childhood opportunities for families and their children; and
  • Fosters high expectations, instills optimism and encourages aspirations.

Our Goals

GOAL 1: All Hoke County children ages 0-5 years are healthy and prepared to succeed when they enter school.

GOAL 2: Hoke County families will effectively fulfill their role as the primary guardians, careproviders, nurturers and teachers helping their children reach their full potential.

GOAL 3: All Hoke County children will have access to high quality, affordable services they need and want, including early childhood education, services for children with special needs and other services that support families.

GOAL 4: Hoke County values all children and families by providing options, resources and support collaboration of community resources to help children and families reach their potential.

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