Enhanced Therapy Services – Pediatric Developmental Services

Enhanced Therapy Services

The Partnership helps provide enhanced therapy services for children ages birth to five who have developmental disabilities. Speech, occupational, and physical therapy is provided directly to children in the most natural environment which include child care centers and in the child’s home. Enhanced therapy services are also provided to children enrolled at the Children’s Developmental Center in Raeford through an exclusive contract.  This program provides one-to-one educational services to the families of these children, training to therapists and center staff on therapy techniques and technology, and specialized equipment to assist in the implementation of new therapy techniques. The treating therapist must request the equipment after all other sources of funding have been exhausted.   Equipment is used at the CDC and remains there to benefit children in an educational setting. This program meets the needs of children who are uninsured or underinsured.  Services are provided by therapists who are already treating children in their homes or at child care centers who are covered by other state programs and/or private insurance.